SMVB Products

Our packaging is very protective, we apply Five Stages Packaging System for better retained NUTRIENTS, as well as AROMA of the quality, 

1) First, we use Inner Cap top on the small entrance hole of the oil can, (locked to oildue to any leakages)

2) Secondary, we apply ALUMINIUM FOIL heat-sealedon innercap,it would be Air lock, yes,(prevent air to contact the product direct orindirectly)

3) Third, the Medium Inner Lock Screw Cap, it uses overhead on Aluminum Foil, (it protects to foil damages, if mishandling of oilcan)

4) Fourth, it’s Outer Mega Cap,(it is protecting all above internal packaging locks as well as packed product.)

5) Fifth, we apply SHRINK WRAP to total body of OIL CAN, it protects from weather, (sunlight, water, air, scratches and dullness by handling or mishandling etc.) 

Therefore, we serve the said and required quality and quantity as per written specifications without any excuses to our valuable premium customers.

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